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If you feel you are behind the 8 ball in accessing and utilizing the web in this ever-changing world than you need to find out about Webucation. If you are my age, which is 43, or in that range, than perhaps you feel inadequately educated. Like I did, you may have earned a college degree that was useful when you graduated, but in this day and age it doesn’t feel as monumental as it once did. One of my requirements in college was a computer class called Cobol. I didn’t understand it then, and prehistoric describes it today. Now is the age of the Internet, the web, webucation, online, and ways to profit from all of these.

I thought I was computer savvy when I signed up for an America Online account, learned to e-mail and instant message my friends, and “surf the web”. It’s only now that I am starting to utilize the Internet as a learning tool that has started a journey. Each path I choose is filled with information that can help me earn an income.

The good news for my age group and all age groups who feel agitated from their void in this computer savvy world is accelerated learning that can now be accessed online. If you want to self educate, there are comprehensive life skills education systems that are delivered 100% via the Internet, which you can purchase. There are services that match individuals with online colleges or universities that are right for them. Once you have chosen an online school, you are networked with a teacher and other students in a traditional classroom setting. If you are involved in other things in your life you can schedule classes to your convenience and there is NO COMMUTE!

There are so many worries and stresses in the world; it’s good to know that education is now a convenience. You can feel good that while you are expanding your knowledge you can simultaneously grow with the company you are involved in. If you aren’t in the workplace at this moment, you can be assured this new age of schooling will make you extremely marketable.

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Janice grew up in New York and graduated from LIU – Southampton College. She now resides in Aventura, Florida. Some of her interests are designing jewelry for causes, writing, & running. “All Glory Comes From Daring To Begin”

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